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Feb 22

Toyota Sport Rider SUV

Getting around Chiang Mai and discovery the north of Thailand Chiang Rai or Mae Hong Son by hiring a car and self drive. It’s a great idea and having fun. If you are looking for a professional & reliable car rental company. Queen Bee Car Rental, we offer you the wide ranges of vehicle for rent  a sedan, 4WD and SUV with the best service and comprehensive insurance in Chiang Mai. Our 20 years experiences assure you that when you are in trouble; vehicle break down or an accident. We guarantee you that will be in good hand!.

One of the most important thing to be concerned when you hire a car is the insurance. The following is Queen Bee Comprehensive insurance for an auto car.

The Auto car Insurance Policy

1. Coverage to the Third party
1.1 In case of bodily injury or death. Coverage is up to 250,000 Baht each person or 5,000,000 Baht each accident.
1.2 In case of damage. Coverage is up to 500,000 Baht for damage to the Third party property.

2. Coverage to the Motorcar
2.1 In case of the Motorcar is stolen or robbed. This policy cover up to 200,000 Baht.
The hirer, however has to pay 2,000 Baht for deductible. (vehicle costs 200,000 Baht)

2.2 In case of the Motorcar damage. Coverage is up to 200,000 Baht for body of the Vehicle.
Nevertheless, this policy does not cover engine damage which is not caused by an accident.

3. In case of an accident during the hiring. Deductible to be borne by the hirer is 2,000 Baht.

4. Driver and Three passengers (only 4 person) are insured by this policy.
Coverage are as follow:

4.1 In case of bodily injury, coverage is up to 10,000 Baht each person for medical expenses.

4.2 In case of death or disability. Cover is up to 50,000 Baht person or 200,000 Baht each accident.

Remarks : 1. This policy does not cover the following:

- Using a motorcar outside Thailand.
- Using a vehicle illegal. A vehicle will not be operated to transport
goods or drugs in violation of customs regulations
or in any other illegal manner.
- Using for racing or speed testing.
- Driving by any person who has expired international driving license or
has no international driving license.
- Driving by any person under the influence of alcohol or drugs who
can not control a vehicle.

2. All fines and court costs for parking, traffic or legal violations
assessed against hired vehicle are to be taken by the hirer.

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