Jan 14

At Nong Buak Haat Park, Tha Pae Gate plaza, and Navarat Bridge
Chiang Mai

The hills and valleys of Chiang Mai are ideal natural habitats for a vast variety of tropical as well as temperate flowers. Most bloom early in the year from January to February. This is the best time to enjoy the spectacular floral tapestry that blankets the land with colourful flowers such as the African Marigold, Globe Amaranth, orchids, Ban Chun, chrysanthemum, Celosia, and assorted roses such as the Fa Mui and thinUang Dok Lek are at their best.

The city of Chiang Mai takes great pride in having maintained its tradition of hosting the annual Chiang Mai Flower Festival for the past 34 years.

The ancient Lanna Thai kingdom — ‘land of a million rice fields’ — was also famous for its tradition of artistic excellence and the northern province of Chiang Mai has since been known as the ‘home’ of the legendary Lanna Thai artisans. Long-recognized for their exquisite craftsmanship, the northern region is also noted for its elaborate traditional floral art installations. The annual Chiang Mai Flower Festival features an impressive showcase of traditional and contemporary floral art and Lanna cultural splendour.

The festival also supports the province’s horticultural industry which has steadily grown in importance as one of Thailand’s major exporters of fresh cut flowers, ornamental plants, and a range of other horticultural products. A total of 222 varieties of flowering and ornamental plants will be on display during the three-day event.

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