May 18

1D Baan Chang 8 Adis

1D Baan Chang 9 Adis

1D Baan Chang 10 Adis

1D Baan Chang 11 Adis

1D Baan Chang 12 Adis

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May 18

1D Jumbo E'Training 7 Adis

1D Jumbo E'Training 3 Adis

1D Jumbo E'Training 4 Adis

1D Jumbo E'Training 5 Adis

1D Jumbo E'Training 2 Adis

1D Jumbo E'Training 6 Adis

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May 07

To do Trekking in Chiangmai the following trekking tips might help you to enjoy your adventurous trekking for once in a life time!.


What you need  for trekking

- Medicines for headache or stomached, balm, band and etc.

- Soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste

- Towel

- Tissues

- T – shirts

- Jacket

- Sunglass, a cap

- Pants or trousers

- Sneaker / Sport shoes / hiking shoes ( rainy season )

- A pair of slippers

- Short pants

- Swimming suit

- Flashlight


Trek included

- Meal on a trek included the first day lunch to the last day lunch.

- Trekking equipment for instance : rucksack; sleeping bag ;   mosquito

net, life jacket,  blanket

- Transportation ( by pick up truck )

- Accommodation

- Traveling insurance

o Bodily injury coverage is up to 100,000 bath for medical expenses. However, tooth injury is not insured by the insurance.

o Coverage maximum 200,000 bath in case of death.

- Left baggage, Valuable belonging in the safety box and storage.


***Remark*** : At present, opium cultivation by the tribes people in Thailand is no longer to be seen. Frigid vegetables and flowers have been introduce into the area to replace opium. However, narcotics are still used in the form of illustration or advertisement by some trekking companies and guides to attract customers, aiming for their sole benefit. This might cause great damages to tourism industry at large.

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Mar 20

Queen Bee is deeply committed to protecting the environment.

We would like to partner with you to help preserve our Earth for future generations.

So you can feel even better about buying high-quality travel services.

Making a difference! Queen Bee will donate 5% of all perchases to eco-conscious organization Thai Environment Cooperation Foundation (EnvCorp)

Queen Bee Travel Service

Professional Travel Agent in Chiangmai Since 1990, Specialist in Trekking & Adventurous Toursand Car Rental Service

Please consider the environment before printing this page.

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